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Osh-kosh stone medallion


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Other Species of Wood, Medallions, etc.

Community Buildings

Church floor - installation of 3/4" x 2 1/4" White Oak Strip, select and better grade, sanded and finished natural, satin polyurethane.

Gymnasiums sanded, restriped and finished utilizing a high-gloss polyurethane.

Before (first two), stained only (third) and finished (last photo) cork parquet floor, sanded and refinished.


showroom00 showroom20

Dark star wood medallion

Unfinished Saratoga wood medallion.

Finished Saratoga wood medallion with an added border.

Custom-made wood medallions.

Finished Saratoga wood medallion.

Derby Rose wood medallion

24" Square Spirea wood medallion

Custom White Oak Parquet

Custom white oak parquet floor, sanded and refinished natural stain color.

Custom Teak Parquet

This high-rise office teak parquet floor was sanded and refinished natural stain color.