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We have implemented a state of the art refinishing process where the homeowner can walk on their hardwood floors every night, and not have to move out of their home!  We use fast drying stains and Greenguard certified water based polyurethanes that dry in minutes allowing you to still walk on your floors each and every night without worrying about damaging them.  We do ask that you keep all pets off the floors, do not spill anything on the floors and avoid wet feet.  The low odor finishes make having your floors refinished a breeze!

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  • Take your pets to a friend’s house or keep them locked in an area of the house away from the floors being worked on. A pet can cause quite a bit of damage if allowed to walk on a floor that’s just been coated. Also, materials used coat hardwood floors may be deadly if consumed by a pet and loud noise from the floor sanders could permanently damage your pets hearing.

  • If you remove carpet or tile from the floor yourself, be careful not to damage the wood. Knife marks on a hardwood floor might be impossible to sand out. Be especially careful of removing tile as some older tile may contain asbestos and should be removed by a professional.

  • Move all furniture from the room. If the room is opened to another room/area of the house, put up large plastic tarps to keep as much of the dust out as possible.

  • Keep the temperature warm in the winter / cool in the summer. Do not turn off air conditioning or heating systems.

New refinishing process

Here are a few things for you to do to get ready for us to work in your home.

How to prepare your floors the day it's going to be sanded


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Before we arrive:


1.  Make arrangements to keep your pets off the floors the entire time we are working, and for job site finished floors, usually 2 days after the floors are completed


2. Move all furniture off the floors this includes closets and pantries as well.


3. Remove all curtains/draperies and all wall coverings not screwed on to the wall


4. Decide on how to get us in your home, key, garage door code or opener, or door open


5. Remove everything from counter tops, including on top of cabinets, fridge.


6. For install jobs, make arrangements with a plumber to have the toilet, pedestal sink, wash tubs, ice lines to fridge, disconnected and reconnected


7. We will need 220 electric to sand the floors.  We normally use dryer plugs for this, occasionally we will need access to the main breaker panel.


8. While the stains and finishes we use are all fast drying, please keep in mind there will be times when you will not have access to the floors or be able to walk on them.  Please ask your technician for specific times, or if in question.


9. You can freely walk on the floors 24 hours after final coated.  Place furniture back 48 hours after final coated, and replace area rugs one week from day of completion.




1. We will arrive at different times each day, please allow for this.


2. There will be some dust, noise, and vapors during the installation, sanding, and finishing stages of your flooring project.


3. You will have to touch up painted door casings, jambs, stair parts upon completion of job.  Anything painted will need touched up, normally you can paint right over the stain/finish


4. We will hang plastic in doorways to minimize dust; however, if there is something that you do not want dust on, please cover it!


5. New wood in repairs sometimes appear lighter in color than existing, aged woods.


6. When matching existing stain colors in other finished rooms, the newly sanded floors may not match the color and/or the sheen of the existing, aged floors


7.  Some sanding may reveal existing conditions in the wood floor such as knife marks from carpet padding, bruising, stains, sun fading, or halo effects common in old pine floors where the center of the rooms were not finished originally.  These blemishes may not sand out of the floor.


8. We will not fill cracks between rows of flooring.  All hardwood floors expand and contract with the change of relative humidity and seasons.


9. You must maintain relative humidity in your home between 35%-50% to minimize shrinkage and expansion between boards.  All wood floors expand and contract with the change of season, this is normal.


10.  Do not expect a furniture finish on your floors.  Please understand the scope of what we are doing.  While we strive to get you the best quality finish possible, it is not uncommon to find a small piece of debris or sander mark in the finished floor.



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